Wednesday, July 29

Here I am..

Blogging. 5:00ish AM. Welcome to a typical "Kenlie never sleeps" evening/morning. I haven't been to bed yet. I have been working on some fabulous art work that you will be able to find at Riffraff very soon! But I decided to take a break and work starting my blog. My summer goal, if you will. Over the past few days I have been working on a background selection, font color schemes, pictures, oh you guys know.. the normal stuff to set this thing up. Tonight's project was to write a post and to publish this bad boy!-- Mission accomplished.

First things first. The title of my blog is "Love Today," originating off the end of the quote, "I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and love today."

This quote is something I will know, say, and tell others for as long as I live. A very unique and special man in my life carried this quote in his wallet for as long as I knew him. This man lived by this saying each day of his life. He exemplified love, patience, kindness, and motivation each day he woke up. No matter the person, the situation, or his mood, I can honestly say he treated each day new, each person special, and loved unconditionally. For the last 15 years of his life he fought the ugly battle with cancer with a smile on his face each day. His sickness didn't hold him back from vacations, family gatherings, Razorback athletic events, or many other things. He lived each day as a prime example for his quote. This man I speak of is my grandfather, Gordon Long, known to his grandchildren as "PaGrand."

Here is a little history lesson/put in prospective for ya..
So you might need to know that PaGrand played both football and baseball for the Razorbacks in college. Lettering in both. One particular game Arkansas was playing a huge rivalry with a very close score. Down to the very last second the Hogs lost due to a final call made by an official. As you can image the stands went crazy, fans were throwing things onto the field, yelling horrible things, so on and so forth. Keep in mind, back then there was not the security like there is today on the field after a game. Therefore #45 Gordon Long decided it was his position to go to the official that just made the horrible call, put his arm around him and walk him through the angry fans, frustrated coaches and teammates, and mass chaos. He walked the man all the way to the locker room and stayed with him for awhile. Keep in mind Arkansas just lost, their chances of going to the Cotton Bowl were over.
Now what do you think? Pretty awesome? Did I mention this act of kindness was a huge role, as well as records set, that put PaGrand into the Arkansas Hall of Fame/Honor? That's pretty cool I think!

So anyway, that is my story tonight. That is the reason for creating a blog about myself and all those included in my life. I hope to be that kind of example. No matter if it is someone in passing in a store, or by writing something on here. Something to touch someone or to put a smile on their face.

I feel like at this point in my life there has been so much change. Good and bad. And now, seven months later, I am at a place of confidence and comfort to share these stories (over time), to talk about my day to day, to show what I stand for, and to happily dream the future. Which is why this title is so appropriate for me. Think about it. Why worry about tomorrow? It'll work out, you will be able to handle it. Why worry about yesterday? It's over, wipe your hands of it, be thankful. You have today to fix it. Love today!!

A football picture

PaGrand in his favorite hat at a football game.

Have a great day!
Psalm 27