Tuesday, June 29

kids are funny

Kids are a huge part of my life and they hold a very deep and special place in my heart. Nothing makes me happier then when an innocent little one says something that makes me smile, or literally laugh out loud. And yes, of course, I love the embarrassing moments when they have no idea someone is listening to them, or the moments I like to call "innocent moments." With my job I am very fortunate to work with kids all day long. I am thankful to have to have a lot of "down time" while waiting on the doctor, so conversation is usually very interesting.. to say the least!

Here are some stories from here lately:

{10 year old boy}
Boy: Today is my Dad's birthday... Hey Dad, how old are you again?
Dad: 42
Boy: And how old is mom again?
Dad: 30
Boy: Wait!! So you are telling me mom is like.... um... 12 years younger than you..
--Dad smirked.
Boy: Isn't that like how old Jack is? (his older brother) Thats like his whole life in years.. the difference between you and mom.

I wanted to laugh out loud so hard.. Thank you school for teaching children to do math! I loved it!

{ 6 year old boy today with a lisp and freckles (SO funny!) }
As I am looking into his mouth I say, "Oh Jack, you have lost 2 teeth and I see some permanent teeth coming in already!"
Boy: Yep! I got to brush those extra good and have respect for them because we will be together for forever!

I lost it. I told the dentist when he came by and we both laughed so hard! Great way to put it!

He also told me after treatment was over..
"Hey.. I've been thinkin.. Was that doctor dude using a jig-saw on my tooth?.. because that is what it sure sounded like to me!.. but ya know what?.. I don't even care, he could if he wanted to.. I didn't feel a thing! AND!! As long as I can lay here and watch this movie, you guys can do whatever you need to next time.. but not today, because I gotta get out of here. Mom promised me an ice cream cone"

Ha!! What a mess! He talked my ear off!
He told me all about his bike wreck and getting gas in his eye.. and all his emergency room visits. Mom said he was in the ER SIX times before he turned 5! I believe it!

{ 4 year old little girl}
ME: Katie how did your teeth heal up that we had to pull last time you came to see us? Did the tooth fairy visit you?
GIRL: Their fine... they don't hurt anymore. But ya know what? That tooth fairy must be a boy or something, it has no sense of style!
As I laugh, "Do what? No style!?"
GIRL: Well, the tooth fairy gave me these capri pants that were so ugly.-- I don't think I'll leave my teeth out next time for the tooth fairy.
MOM: Remember honey, I told you the tooth fairy probably gave all their money to other kids, and they wanted to leave you something and that is all they had!

Sunday, June 27


Sunday, June 20

Dad of 3 daughters

"You know you live in a house full of women when you find yourself referring your 'boxers' to 'panties' "
-Ken Posey

Happy Father's Day to the best dad of 3 daughters!!
We love you

Wednesday, June 16

Just an afternoon thought..

With God on our side, we can expect the best. We can do this because our hope is in the Lord. He is the best, and he gives the best. The virtue of hope is defined as an expectation with confidence. God is on our side.

Just thought I would share that with you today;
I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Tuesday, June 15

be you

Thursday, June 10

The path that runs from the dream to the achievement is paved with commitment, every inch of the way.

Monday, June 7

my life in a Top10 list

10. My youngest sister graduated from high school. (makes me so sad, totally weird)

9. I saw Sex and the City 2 with a group of close friends at midnight on the day it came out. (quickly realized I'm too old to do that, or maybe I was just really disappointed)

8. I could put a straw in a whole bottle of Simply Raspberry lemonade. And drink it all in one sitting. (summer obsession. You must try.)

7. I am back on my running kick. (with new shoes too!)

6. I jumped on the Words with Friends train. (yes, I get the obsession)

5. I am still watching all the kids on a regular basis. (That will never change)

4. The week before Memorial weekend, and also Memorial weekend, was the best week and weekend I have had in I can't even tell you how long. (You may smile from ear to ear)

3. This past weekend I went to Dallas to see my cousin. Had an awesome time. (great food and shopping)

2. Summer hours started today at work. 6:45AM-3 everyday until August. Yes, even Fridays. (hello coffee)

 God listens. He answers prayers. He is faithful and true. He changes hearts. He loves us. His plan is most perfect. I promise promise promise He is listening. Do not give up. Pray. Hold your head high. He is in control. Trust that. Smile.

See why I haven't been around for the past two months? There isn't much to blog about. Boring, I know.  I still love being entertained with all of your posts though!

#1 is very true and holds a whole whole lot of meaning and change going on in my life. I do not mean it vague like the others. Its been my focus. My eye open. My love and my motivation. 

Hang in there! : )
Happy June!! 
(ARE YOU KIDDING! We are 1/2 way through 2010!)