Monday, September 13

"I" in the middle

I'll admit, yesterday was one of those Sundays when I sat in church thinking, "What is he talking about.." "I am not really following what he is saying.. and where are we headed with this..." Maybe I am the only one that does this, it doesn't happen often, but yesterday was one of those days. After really trying to pay attention to the sermon I walked away at the very end with a crystal clear message. One of the very last things the preacher said was this..

"We have to remember that when dealing with 'sin'.. it can't be spelled without the "I" in the middle."

How simple is that? Sin is always performed out of the desires of your own individual mind. Total self interest. No matter how wrong. It comes down to a solo decision. The "I" is in the middle, the one in control of sinful actions. 

God is so faithful. 
Have a blessed day!