Wednesday, September 30

Email on Life

I can't sleep to say the least. So look what I turn to, my computer.

Tonight's Bible study lesson in a nutshell was about:
* how we personally live our life day to day
* if we knew when Jesus was coming what would we do different, or would we?
* How Satan uses us in his on going battle of trying to defeat Jesus.

I could go into detail, but I wont. But I do want to tell you about his little elderly lady that is in the class with us.

Toward the end of the lesson she said she just had to share something with us. She told us that she keeps getting this funny email about how to live your life. Quote in quote,
"That if you are living your life correctly and fully then each day when you wake up Satan will say to himself 'GREAT, HE/SHE IS UP AGAIN!!' "

So true!
We got a great laugh out of it and I hope you did too!

Happy Tuesday!!

Be watching for Halloween art, my very own funky Pig art, and five day recap!! EW.. next post will be oh so fun!!!

Friday, September 25

Is that thunder?

So this week I've been a little under the weather. Gotten some much needed projects completed. Met with many great and fun clients on some new projects. Had the 3rd wine night. Played with the little boys I keep. Found some fabulous new finds for the store. Discovered Panera's green tea, makes my mouth water thinking about it! And last, and of course can't forget, it's..

needless to say, Bikes Blues and BBQ time on Dickson St. Traffic in this town is worse than a home football game if we were playing... I don't know.. some big team. I would like to know the percentage of people that come into town that don't bring a bike. Just seems to me like there are a lot of cars for a bike rally. This town roars of engines, smells of leather and fuel, and painted in black and silver. Something else I have observed is that there are a lot of women bikers.. think that has anything to do with the economy?

I'm ready for Sunday. Ready for some silence. Ready for a constant reminder to vanish my brain.
Great little event for this town, just not really my cup of tea.
Do have fun if you go though!

"Is that thunder?.. No, it's just Bikes Blues and BBQ!" -Kirsten

Happy Friday and a fabulous weekend!!!

Monday, September 21

If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops..

NWA over the past few weeks..
I'm thinking I should probably be investing in these...

Although a little kid is wearing this, I bet we could find an adult size, right??

For all you lovebirds out there, here is dry hope..

And for the pets in our lives..

I feel ya little man! I wish it would stop raining too.

Hope your Monday wasn't too muddy!

Sunday, September 20

Creations at Riffraff

Here are some pictures of all my creations that can be found at Riffraff!! I have Halloween stuff in the store as well, haven't taken pictures yet, but will!

Riffraff has tons and tons of fabulous things right now! Anything from furniture, art work, game day accessories, jewelry, Halloween decorations, and fun little trinkets!
Come see us!!

So fun- Everyday, Razorback, and Fayetteville High headbands!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Happy week to come!

Until next post,

You can find Riffraff by clicking on the Riffraff button to the right

Friday, September 18


Greetings with a bit of a heavy heart.. I feel like I just need to inform you right now.

My original plan for tonight's post was going to be displaying my art and goodies that are in the store right now. Instead, I feel like I have been lead in to TOTALLY different and much much more important topic.

For those of you that know me well, know that I have a strong desire to adapt a child from overseas one day. I feel our soul purpose is to glorify God in all we do, reach to others, and serve our Lord. Providing a child with food, a clean lifestyle, clothes, a roof over their head, and endless love is one way that would truly bless our purpose on earth. Maybe that is a total personal opinion, and I'll claim it! But if you really start doing your homework on the number of children on the streets in these countries all over the world, I think you would be truly amazed. The numbers are unbelievably high. Its breath taking and breaks my heart. It is so easy to get caught up in our little world and everyday life, and we suddenly assume everyone else is like us. When really, we are beyond fortunate. Clean water, heat/air, fresh food, power, medicine are just to name a very few. Needless to say, taking a small child from a lifestyle that doesn't have these things, and providing them with it. Do you know the impact you would be making? It makes me kind of speechless thinking about.

Because of this passion I have, I have found several blogs on families that have either adopted a child from overseas, trying to, would like to, or are in the process of it. Tonight before I attempted posting my art, there was a particular blog that caught my eye. "The Lord Mighty in Battle" caught my eye (this is one of the families I follow). The title was "Urgent Prayer Needed," since their posts usually consist of their precious little girl or about other adoption stories, I quickly clicked on it. I read the small post and then clicked the links to the other blogs they had posted. I read them both, and sobbed. I can't explain the emotions I had or how the stories touched me.

My request now, is for you to please pray. To my understanding two families went over to bring their children home and have encountered some problems. One child with health concerns and the other with a postpone court day. I can't imagine the emotions and heartache these families are going through. To leave their home thinking next time they walk in your door, better yet back in the US, that they will be embracing their new child. Now being so close and to face issues that might not fulfill that last thought, brings me totally lost for words and thoughts. I can't imagine and my heart aches for them.

Nothing is set in stone and decisions have not been made. But with the power of a prayer and the strength of the Lord, these families still can walk in their door with their little one. Please lift these families up. Pray for their comfort, strength, understanding. Pray for the children and the people working to make it possible for these children to come home. This is huge and your prayer can truly make a difference.

"I will put my trust in him" Hebrews 2:13

"For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything." Hebrews 3:4

"Never will I leave you; never will forsake you." Hebrews 13:5

"Everything is possible for him who believes." Mark 9:23

"We live by faith, not by sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

If you are interested in any of these families you can go under the blogs (because I have yet learned how to link a blog to a blog, ha) I follow and click on "The Lord Mighty in Battle" and it was the latest post, "Urgent Prayer Needed." They all have amazing stories. Please Pray. And while you are at it, pray for the families that are going through this process, for the children that are still on the streets with no current potential parents, and for the safety and health of the children in these countries.

You are a blessing as well. Be thankful.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Tuesday, September 15

Not a rain goes by...

I think for as long as I live in Fayetteville there will not be a rainy day that passes that I don't have the thought of "I am so thankful I am not having to walk on campus right now." For those of you that attended the University probably understand where I am coming from. Campus floods like you wouldn't believe. It roars actually. Tons and tons of water rushing down the hills and filling the dips in the sidewalk. Resulting in water filled shoes, bottoms of pants soaked, wet clothes making you freezing in 30 degree classes. To say the least, Rain + U of A + Kenlie do NOT = a happy day.

But now having that degree on the wall, rain makes for a good day and an awesome nights sleep. Oh the little things that make me so thankful for my degree!

Ran across this picture and it made me even more excited for fall. I love fall and so excited for its arrival!! And just think, with all this rain, Fayetteville will look just as bright and pretty!

Hope you stayed dry today and wore your rain boots! I sure did!!

Real men are in Wine Clubs.. and LIKE IT!!

So I'm a little behind, but I'll fill you in. About three weeks ago several of our closest friends decided to start a little event. Our technical name is still in the works, but for now we like to call it "Wine Night." The first get together was at Will and Blake's and tonight's was hosted by Kirsten.

Wine is something we are all very interested in and would like to know more about. Since the first host, Will, makes a living selling wine and researching it, we thought what a great idea this would be! And what a great idea it was might I add!

Here is the deal: Every two weeks we get together at someone's house to test a different kind of wine. Each couple, or person, is responsible for bringing a bottle of wine. The wines are displayed and talked about, then opened, brown bagged and marked with a number. We all have our own glass to smell, describe/comment, and also to taste the differences between each brand. During the comment time and sipping, we each score it in our own personal opinion. When all the bottles have been tested and all the scored opinions are in, we then find an average to determine the winner. And then the brown bags come off and the winners are revealed.

SO FUN!!!!
But very serious as well. Notes of comments and opinions are taken, corks and labels are saved, scoring is contemplated based on the preferences of the previous bottles, background information about how the wine is made in addition to interesting facts, do not go untold. Small talk is left to a minimum and there is a spit bowl for wine left in the glass, or for those that don't prefer it.

Below are some pictures from the first ever Wine Night. As you can tell we take ourselves seriously, but our attire is the least of the worries. Our focus is to become more educated on wine, to do something together fun and different, but also get great laughs and good memories.

And yes, football was on through all this and there wasn't a problem.

The first night was Pinot Grigio
Tonight was Pinot Noir
And in two weeks we will be testing a much much sweeter, more of a dessert wine, a Riesling.

It is so much fun and we are learning even more!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great Monday!


We missed you tonight Lauren, hope Paisley gets better!!

(Not sure why these pics aren't clear.. sorry guys!!)

Friday, September 11


My other summer of technology development besides "Love Today" was to get on Twitter. Consider it done.

As of a few days ago I have been following "TheDailyLove" which is nothing but quotes and inspirational thoughts.. two things I love. I have started making notes of some of them and decided why not just share them with all of you? So here is what we have so far..

"Life is not a struggle; the only struggle is your resistance to allowing reality to be exactly as it is."

"Turn your sadness into joy by releasing the need to be right & embrace the joyful thought that I'd rather be happy. And then just let it go!"

"Eighty percent of success is showing up."

"Today is gone. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one!"

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace."

"Get bored with your past, it's over!"

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Oh the Duck Club Pics

As follows are the promised pictures from the "Family Redneck Weekend" in celebration of Uncle Stephen's 60th Birthday at the Duck Club...

The Birthday Boy Himself.
Please take this picture with a grain of salt and with a good laugh. In my 23 years of loving this man I will say this is one of the very few times I have seen him in jeans. He is usually always found in khaki pants and a blue button up shirt of some sort. Enjoy this one, its in very rare form. Love it!

Some of us..

Clare, Andrew, Matt, and Jessica

Elizabeth and Blake going for a little drive in the woods.

Dad and Alex testing out the "bug zapper"

Clare is quite the fisherman. Caught all by herself. So proud!

The two pictures above are Clare & Andrew and Clare & me. These two were taken one night when we went on a little adventure ride in the dark and needless to say, we ran out of gas. Luckily we were with my parents and some other family members were on another ride as well. We got home safely, but had to spend our time doing something, so there ya go!

Hope you enjoyed! I'm sure you want to go to the Duck Club now.

This week has flown by!! I can't believe tomorrow is Friday.. crazy. But I hope it has been just fabulous!!

Yours Truly,

Wednesday, September 9

Just another weekend

This weekend was an eventful one to say the least! I have pictures to share but they are on my camera and in my car, so I'm going to do a two day post!

Nothing too exciting happened Friday night. I ordered two new awesome articles of clothing for fall. But... YEP!.. that was my Friday night!

Alex and I drove to Little Rock around 9.
Arrived to an empty house with no key to be found.
Found key. Unset alarm.
Opened garage and got things out of car. Closed garage. Went upstairs.
Got in shower.
Was disrupted in shower by voice of "LR POLICE"
Got out and was told apparently I don't know how to turn alarm off.
Alarm was off. Was making no sound.
Was greeted by several police MEN in my towel in living room.
Police left. Alarm messed up.
Crazy game day traffic.
Parking pass with cousin, who wasn't with us. Cell phone service horrible.
Begged to wait in parking lot for her. Second encounter with police.
Found cousin. Parked car.
HOGS WON!!!!!!!

Sunday & Monday
We left Little Rock early Sunday morning to go meet the rest of our large family at the duck club which is about an hour outside of Little Rock. A large family gathering took place in the honor and celebration of my Uncle's 60th Birthday!! One of his most favorite things to do is to duck hunt, so what is more appropriate? Even though I didn't duck hunt.. or hunt anything for that matter. I did get to know a side of myself that has never come out before, in fact, I think all the women in our family can now say that. Pictures tomorrow will do much more justice. Lets just say that I didn't know we could represent Arkansas as well as we did. Man, did we ever live up to every comment ever made about Arkansans.

Its good every once in a while to do something not normally done. Explore yourself and abilities a bit. It was fun I'll have to admit, but I do think I'll stick with my paint brushes, purses, and high heels.

Its not often we are all under the same roof. We had great laughs and made many memories. Even though Saturday was a bit on the crazy side.. oh my.. it was a great labor day weekend!! I hope yours was too.

Today was full of work awesomeness, and the first night of Bible Study. My Dad and I took a class together last year, and started our second one tonight. This one is called the "Second Coming" which is the study of the book of Revelation and the second coming of Jesus Christ. I'm really excited and can't wait to break this particular book apart. I look forward between now and April in sharing things with you that we learn.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow and an awesome week!
Don't forget the pictures tomorrow!! They'll be a hoot!

"Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take it to heart what is written in it, because the time is near."
Revelation 1: 3

Friday, September 4

Today couldn't go without say..

So yesterday I was Debbie Downer. Have had a few rough bumps this week. But like I said yesterday, those days come and go and when they are gone, I look back on them much stronger. Might I add, I don't want those reading this to think I'm some sort of upset mess, because that is certainly not the case! I like to use my blog as a place I put important events, thoughts, and great times. I'm sure most of you use yours for the same thing, but I just thought I would clarify. (Yes, one of my most favorite things to do is look back on past times)

With all that being said, I must now focus on the purpose of this post! This probably wont mean anything to you, but please sit back and enjoy the random pictures that explain this particular day and life of my dearest, greatest, funniest dear friend, Kirsten and partner in crime, Myself!

While on the days adventures, Kirsten basically saved my life with a simple thing called a peanut butter cracker. Bless her sweet soul. Might I add we were in tiny town Prairie Grove. My blood pressure, or something crazy (leave it to me), about messed up our adventures at the antique store. And we all know that just can't happen.

This picture. UUUUGHH!!!!! I can't even look at it. Lots of these today.

The greatest moment of today.
Although we both about lost our bladders from laughing, my oh my.... Did that make the tops on funny moments. "You... UHHH..." Enough said.

You know you have a close friend when you share a whole bag of kettle corn popcorn, with little words spoken, in one sitting as your dinner. Yes, that is right. You live once.

Needless to say a lot of this was done today, like everyday. The ones above were the simple highlights (Please excuse this terrible picture it was the only one with a blonde and a brown head)
But here we are.
The greatest of friends. Best of laughs. Repetitive conversation sharers. Tacklers of furniture. Killers of brain cells side by side. All nighters. Lovers of fancy and fun things. Sonic Happy Hour experts. Car packers with the best of em. Should invest in Hobby Lobby stalk. Rabbled conversations over nothing. Particular little souls. Not AM type. Quite creative. Hardly ever sleep. Simple taste. Dearest of friends since JR High.

Don't know what I would do without ya sister! Thanks for a day of much needed laughs. You're the greatest!! I owe ya big time, Love you tons!!

Hope your Thursday was as adventurous as ours!

Wednesday, September 2

A few thoughts

I'm all about a good quote. Some words of wisdom that inspire, comfort, and provide hope. I found this tonight and thought I would share. For all those out there who can relate and/or once could relate, I think you will enjoy this too.

I do my thing,
And you do your thing,
I am not in this world
To live up to your expectations,
And you are not in this world
To live up to mine.
You are you.
And I am I
And if by chance we find each other
It's beautiful

The past couple of days have been kind of.. blah. I could use something exciting, someone new, maybe a change in a few areas. I found the quote above and then a little later ran across Isaiah 48:17 "I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go."

Thankfully the similar days I have had this week are far and few between, but I think these days are good in the end. When their over I am stronger, more aware, and more pleased. Sometimes its good to take an evaluation of yourself. Think about what is going on, what could be changed, and what could be strengthened. As most of you know this year has been a rough one. Days like these use to consume who I was, now they come up very very far apart. It is all part of the process of healing and letting go. I know I am certainly better off with things now than before. I am very blessed for the wonderful family and friends that I have, thankful for awesome opportunities, and amazed to have a God whom loves and strengthens me the way he does.

Something I remind myself daily is this, "The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride." Ecclesiastes 7:8

There is a purpose for everything.
I hope your week is wonderful. Be thankful.