Thursday, December 31

Christmas 2009

It's been awhile since you last heard from me. I decided explaining all these events would be easier with a few props.

Our first Kappa Alumni Christmas party!

Since our freshman year of college a group of guys I went to high school with have thrown an ugly Christmas sweater party. Seems every year it gets bigger and bigger. Its always a great time to catch up with those that we graduated with. Here are a few pictures from it.

And the big event..

On December 22 my family and my Mom's side of the family packed it up and went to Telluride, Colorado for Christmas. I think I already told you this. I am pretty big on traditions when it comes to the holiday season. This year was a little easier than I thought it would be. Although, I have to say there were a lot of "firsts" that I never thought would happen on Christmas day! Ha, prepare yourself... And might I mention, the condo we all stayed in was rather "Calico Country," if you will.. which makes it even more of a laugh.

Our lovely stockings hanging from the mantel..
A few first were..
Going to a Catholic Mass on Christmas Eve (NOTHING at ALL wrong with this, it was just a first)
Crying through the entire Christmas service. Typically just during Silent Night. Not this year!
Not being at my church on Christmas Eve for the first time in my life.
Not having one present to open.
Not waking up in Fayetteville Christmas morning.
Waking up with all my cousins on Christmas morning under the same roof.
Not having a Christmas tree. Rather, a floor lamp that my Mom decorated. Ha! It worked.
I skied on Christmas Eve and day. Never have done that on Christmas.
Whenever I talk about Telluride to someone I always describe it as "Dickson St surrounded by mountains." Literally. Telluride is a very very small ski town in the very southwest corner of Colorado. There is one main street. One way in town and one way out. A very local and "hippie" town. So laid back. I love it.

This is looking down on Telluride from the ski lift.

The town is so laid back that there are several famous people that either do, or have, owned houses there. For instance, here is Oprah's..
One day on the slopes Clare and I met a little friend. Pete. Pete the Porcupine.
He was pretty cute. Ski Patrol was standing around him. Apparently their spikes aren't the problem, but rather their bites. And no, that is not neither Clare or I next to him, that is some lady.

My love for little kids grew even more when I saw this little tike on the slopes. He came up MAYBE to my knee. Precious. Hopefully I'll have a little one to do this with some day.
And yes, that is yours truly in the black night get up, posing so it wouldn't be obvious Clare was taking this kids pic!
We got back in town yesterday. It was a great trip! We had so much fun and had lots of laughs. I hope your Christmas was just as delightful!

2009, don't let the door hit ya from behind!! I will not miss you!!!!!

And as said back when I thought I was cool in 2nd grade..


Saturday, December 19

From Twitter

"Broken trust is like a broken mirror, it CAN be fixed, but you will always be able to see the cracks."

"Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future."

Thursday, December 17

You only live once, right?

So why not make it memorable?
Why not go all out and laugh at yourself?
Why can't you take a bunch of pictures?
Why don't you get a group of close friends together for a Birthday, dress 80s, and have fun?

That's what we sure did!
Happy 23rd Birthday Kirsten!!!

Tuesday, December 15

Kids make me laugh

I watched the Clark boys for the chunk of my day today. At about 3:30 I looked at them both and said "Alright boys! Lets get out of this house!" Off to Sonic Happy hour we went.

If you have ever driven kids around you know, yes I am admitting to this,.. you kind of have to multitask. Drive and attend to needs all at once. So in the midst of doing this today, and getting drinks from the carhop, Cooper drops something as the lady is standing at my window with drinks in hand. I say "Hold on 2 seconds Coop, I have to get your slushy.".. I then hear from the back seat "ONE--- TWO-- K, I'm done holding, now can you pick that up?"

Ha! I mean.. really?? I love that kid. I just had to laugh and make that poor lady wait. And yes, he is three.

Sunday, December 13

Some of my most favorite people..

.. 2 Nights in a row!!

Nights like these really make me miss High School!
I hope you had a fabulous weekend as well!

Wednesday, December 9

I mean.. HELLO!!!!

So I just realized that there are

DAYS until we leave for Telluride


DAYS until Christmas!!!!!!!

Oh me, oh my!!!! So exciting!!

And.. I kid you not.. the main two verses last night were these. Yes, I wanted to throw my hands up and laugh.. Waiting for a "KENLIE!!! I'm talking to Y-O-U!" I do love that wonderful man who takes care of me, even when he speaks crystal clear..
"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins."
1 Peter 4:8
"Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you."
Colossians 3:13

Night friends!

All I need

Towards the end of January- beginning of February a good friend introduced me to this song. He burned it on a CD (Ha, yes, I know.. who does that anymore) along with several other "cling to/pick me up" songs. I am notorious for not get sick of songs. I listen to them over and over again. This particular song has been on repeat and blasting in my car throughout the majority of this year. It probably holds the prize for the one song I have listened to the most in my life. I turn to it on a horrible terrible no good day and also on those days that I can't seem to get a smile off my face. Its one of the many things that has helped assure that everything is going to be OK.
All I need
by Shawn McDonald

As I sit here and think
About all that You've done
About how You gave me Your one and only Son
And I'm trying to fathom
All that You are, but so far, Lord
You're so beyond me
I fall down in reverence
And I fall down in fear
And I'm asking You, Lord, won't You please draw near
Won't You open my eyes
So that I can see
The way that You are working in me
All I need is Your love
To come and fill this heart of mine
My heart is a desert that has gone dry
And I need Your love to carry me bye, bye, bye, bye, bye
To carry me bye, bye, bye, bye, bye
To carry me bye
And I lay down my life
And I put it before You
All that I am is in Your hands
And I'm not going to question, why You're so faithful
Why that You give me the blessing that You have
Let the glory be known, let the glory be shown
Lift You up unto the throne
You are my God, You are my King
To You I give, I give You everything
All that I need is Your love, my God

Its a beautiful song and I hope you find it comforting as well!
Have a fabulous day!

Monday, December 7

Lucky #50th Post

I'm in a writing slump. I don't even know what to begin to blog about, but I will leave you with this..

I hope you have kept warm! And if you need something to help keep you warm I just recently discovered the Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks. Um.. yeah.. you need to try that! Fabulous and will probably be quickly obsessed like I am.
Have a great day!!

Thursday, December 3

So quit thinkin..

Tuesday, December 1

2010= TAGS

My original thoughts for tonight's post went out the window. Just can't do it tonight. So here is a fun fact about Yours Truly..

For those of you that have been in a car with me, been around me and cars, really anything that has to do with cars, you have probably caught onto something. Something VERY odd. Something very rare. Something that is pretty funny to even admit to.

I have a serious obsession with car tags.

I know you are laughing! But believe it! I usually ALWAYS say something about it when around a car, or notice something about a person's tags. I catch myself looking at literally every car that I am behind or walk past. I know when my closest friends and families all expire. I'm not kidding. If there was a job for someone that notices expired tags, I would be rollin in the BIG BUCKS! I promise.

I hope you are laughing. It is an issue I have tried to control, but I simply can't help it. Literally, is an obsession. Embarrassing, rather to admit.

And with it being December 1st and the new year just around the corner, I can't help but think of the current orange 2010 tags starting to be replaced. AND I WONDER WHAT COLOR THEY WILL BE!!! The last week in December becomes a very exciting time! Usually those OCD/over achiever people usually surprise me with a sneak peek!

Have an fabulous day!!

Bible Study tonight was focused on our hearts (I was originally going to post tonight about this, save it for later..)

"But the LORD said to Samuel, 'Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.' "
1 Samuel 16:7

Sunday, November 29

A Saturday with the BFF and Thankfulness

Saturdays with the best friend might just be one of the greatest things two can do. Kirsten and I met up about 11 yesterday and tried out the new cupcake place on the square. Our expectations of this place were different than it actually was. I think we had in mind cupcakes galore, any and every kind of cupcake combination. Nope. There were about 7 to choose from. Still great though. And their size was a little smaller than other cupcake places we have been to. Don't get me wrong they were still very yummy. And gourmet also. Second on the list was to go to all these little stores that we have been hearing so much about, but have both been a little too busy to visit. Of course our adventures made their way to our favorite antique shops and we found some new ones too! A love for vintage jewelry was found yesterday. You should see all these fabulous finds we found. We got all kinds of neat things and did not pay over $10 for anything! A new obsession for sure.
In addition to all this, Kirsten has been eyeing the side of this liquor store for quite some time now. It has a great saying, "Some things never change, And shouldn't.." painted on the side of it. So she pulled over and we took a few snapshots in front of it. It was a great day yesterday, so why not?

We finished the day off with a fiesta party at my parents house to watch the Hogs play LSU. Poor little piggies.
Yesterday was a great day! I'm so excited about my vintage finds!

Lastly, I don't even know where to begin with my Thankful list. I have attempted it a few times and deleted it. Because honestly, I truly don't know where to start. This year has over flowed with life changing events and in return has totally been conquered with blessing and happiness. I know without a doubt I am thankful for safety through the fire, for a wonderful and close family, for friends and a support group I couldn't go without, for God's grace and the power of prayer, and for the realization that life's "traumatic times" are unexpectedly followed by the most wonderful and unimaginable situations. I am thankful that with time the "traumatic times" eventually end up on the Thankful list.

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, November 22

A promised White Christmas

One month from today my bags will be packed and the family and I will be on our way to Telluride CO. Being away from Fayetteville on Christmas is something I have done one time in my life. Have lived in the same town for 23 years now, you grow quite custom to holiday traditions especially when your extended family is as small as mine is. I have attended 22 candle light Christmas Eve services and it is the one thing that really puts me in the spirit of the next 24 hours to follow. But this year will be a little different. Different is good, right?

This year our typical Christmas traditions will be put on hold while we venture off to Telluride with my Mom's extended family. My second oldest cousin got married in April, so it will be fun to go on family vacation with a new family member. Clare moved to Dallas to go to grad school and I feel like I haven't seen her in 3000 days! My oldest cousin just moved back to Little Rock, so we need to celebrate his new change. And the most important reason of all, my Dad and two sisters haven't been on the ski slopes in almost 2 years. If you only knew the last experience with the 3 of them, you would understand that our whole family is in much need of the stomach aching, tears rolling down your face, can't breathe kind of laugh!!

Christmas in Telluride will be a blessing. Our family is beyond excited to spend a week together, under the same roof, laughing until we cry, having a promised white Christmas, and being together around the most special time of the year.

I personally can't believe 2009 is almost over and Christmas is just peeking around the corner. But THANK GOODNESS 2010 is right behind it!!!

Friday, November 20


Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 19

Pet peeve

With Jack Frost in the area lately I can't help but think of the Christmas season. Which brings up my point.

A pet peeve of mine, for as long as I can remember, is when people go to label decoration boxes, make lists, title items, text message, write a note.. do anything and everything that might relate to writing the word "Christmas" and instead write "XMas." I realize that C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S is 9 letters long. Some surfaces just don't have room for all those letters. Some people are just lazy to write all 9 letters. So on, and so forth.. Whatever the case may be, I just find it disrespectful. What is XMas anyway? The only thing I understand about this is the last 3 letters.. and why an X? Why not a "c" at least? Maybe I am just uneducated about this shortening because I dislike it and have never used it.

I don't know. Maybe that is just my OCDness being out of control. But really??? If a surface is too small why not write "Dec25" or "D25" or color it red and green? Better yet, buy those crates that are already red and green? I don't know. I personally think there is a way around it.

Oh Jack Frost, you gave us cold weather and brought out a random thought. How I do love this time of year though!!!

Stay warm!
Have a wonderful day! Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, November 17

I stand corrected!

I got an email from my blog this morning not too long after I posted it. With a comment from my sister reading:
"Thanks for leaving me out on the shout out for Luke and Kirsten... I sat with ya'll too! Rude!"

1. I did not realize I was making a shout out. I thought I was telling a story.
2. She is correct. Blake did sit with us during the Razorback game on Saturday. Right next to me in fact. How I forgot to include her? I have no idea!! I think it is safe to say Kirsten,Luke and I had a great time with Blaker P there!!!
3. Blake, I am truly sorry for the hurt feelings. I do sense your humor in the "Rude!" comment and can just hear you saying it, and it makes me laugh. It will never happen again. Please forgive me.
4. Because of my "rudeness" this is the least I can do..
(I owe you a shrine of photos, my uploading isn't working)

So sorry again! I love you B!

(This post is sincere, with a twist of sarcasm for those of you that are unaware of our relationship)

When you least expect them

Where to begin? The last I posted something on here I had no idea what was about to happen in my life. The blessings that would continue to overflow. Let's just say this, the saying we have all heard "Things happen when you least expect them" should be the title for Thursday. My family and I went to dinner for Alex's 18th birthday and afterwards I met Rachel at Theos. Because of my 1 hour of sleep the night before I was planning on saying hello and vetoing it out of there to my bed. But ya know, God's surprises us at times like this. Things happen when you least expect them. I can't quit smiling.

Friday wasn't anything to brag about. I subbed. Great day it was though.

Saturday was the last Razorback home game. Because of this being the third game in Fayetteville in a row, my Hog spirit has kind of dwindled. Yes, I said it. Kirsten and I have been talking all season about going to a game together. So why not the last one? (Of which, we showed up in the same vintage Hog tee and similar articles to go along with it. Ha, surprised? Not us.) We were accompanied by her sweet boyfriend Luke. So fun! After the game Kirsten and I had a little date out while Luke met up with the guys. Whole and behold. More blessings. More wonderful things. More smiles.

Sunday was my day to recover. To spend the day doing just as it is meant to be. N-O-T-H-I-N-G! Not to mention my week ahead of me.

As of yesterday I have become a Mom for 3 days. The parents of the family of 4 decided to make a made dash for St. Louis and called yours truly into run the fort. Not a problem. We got this. Staying over night with them is something I have certainly done before. But not since they have upgraded to attending 3 different schools and now take showers and baths in the morning. Makes for one early morning when you have 4 lunches to pack, 5 beds to make (including my own), breakfast on the table, Monday folders signed and tucked away, uniforms for after school cleaned and ready, 4 dressed for this winter weather, and out the door and off to 3 different schools all before 8:10. But we did it. Not to mention managing the crazy hair with the flips because the boys would rather not brush their hair exiting the shower. They'll thank me one day.

And hey, next time you talk to your Mom. Tell her Thanks, you really have no idea what she has done/does for you!!

And yes.. You fancy pants bloggers out there, I have now, four months later, learned how to link blogs together. I know you are proud.

Have a good day! Stay warm.

Thursday, November 12

Pedicure by a 4 YR old

Of all the things I love in life, spending time with 6 particular little kids ranks very high on my list. Unfortunately for the parents, these kids can do just about anything (yes, within limits. But you'll see) and get away with it in my book. I clam them as my own. Love them to the stars and back. And can't get enough of their sweet little smiles and telling the funny things they do. They are beyond perfect in my eyes and I'm truly thankful to help raise each one of them. They are cousins, 4 in one immediate family and 2 in the other, and living about 100 yards from each other. They are my life. I'm totally in love.

For example, this is Libby giving me a pedicure this past August. Not too long after I went and got a "real" one, but she waned to. So what the heck, what's it going to hurt, right???
Getting a little more serious about it..
Notice in the picture above, the paint on the driveway. Ooops, we spilt it, but she insisted on finishing the last few toes before she cleaned it up. Solution: Bath and Body Works hand soup, a toothbrush, and water in a cup.

and LOTS of scrubbing..

And yes, my toes were NEON pink for quite awhile. And we have started something ever since. Lucky for me, my toes are usually always painted. Gotta look on the bright side!

Hope your week is wonderful.
Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, November 10

Dear Jillian

You make me sweat. You bring my self esteem down. I run six miles several times a week and after doing stage 1, I suddenly feel out of shape. Muscles I didn't even know existed are beyond sore. Sore isn't even the correct word. I sure hope this gets easier. I wont give up on you if you don't give up on me.


Monday, November 9

Monday's Mush-pot

I feel like here lately I have done nothing but ramble on this thing. So I come to you tonight continuing with the pattern.

This weekend was yet again, wonderful. Friday night Rachel and I had a lovely dinner for 2 at Bordinos and then went went to meet up with a few special someone's. Saturday sweet Rachel had an extra ticket and I joined her for the Razorback festivities. Come to think of it, I do believe this is the first time in almost 4 football seasons I haven't used my parents tickets. Oh Kenlie, just steppin out! Post game we hung out with Rachel's older brother and several of his friends. Now that was a funny time! Later that evening we met up at Powerhouse with some very special college friends of mine.

See what I mean? What more if there to be thankful for? Great friends all weekend long. What more could a girl ask for? Exactly. Nothing.

Today I had to laugh at my precious little bestie and I. So I pull up to Target (love that place, could walk the isles for hours upon end) and I noticed a pretty familiar car.. oh wait.. who is that being a good citizen and putting her cart where it belongs... oh.. yep!.. there she is, dear ol Kirsten in the flesh. Never fails for the two of us to be in the same place. Had no idea she was there. So of course we did our usual chit-chat, which lead to her question of "so what ya doin here?" I laughed and told her I came seeking the Jillian Michaels "Shred" DVD.. she took a few steps back and threw her head back and said "No way, that is exactly why I came here!" I wasn't shocked. Of course we came to Target the same day, for the same item, and without any previous conversation. Not surprised a bit.

I'll keep ya posted on this progress. I love me some good running, but lets be honest. I have to be outside and be making moving progress in order to get a good run in. Getting this kid to the gym is like pulling teeth. Its just depressing there. So with the unfortunate cold weather approaching it is time to start looking for back up plans. I mean, I am willing to freeze a few days.. ok, maybe one day a week in the negative degree weather, but not everyday. Back up suggestions I am seeking if you have any ideas.

Back to Target. So incase anyone was concerned. Target is now ready to help you decorate your home for Christmas. One would think it is next week by the looks of that place. But I'm not complaining. Reason being? I'm not much of a candy fan. I really can do without. But not when two seasons come around. Christmas and Easter. Why you ask? "Cadberry solid milk chocolates with a crisp sugar shell" assorted in red, green and white balls for Christmas and egg shaped pastel colors for Easter. I could eat the whole bag. No joke. Total weakness. Total love. Make my mouth water. THEY ARE THERE!!!! I about did a back flip when I saw them. Stalked up. Don't fret.

Got a busy week approaching, and I'm excited! This Wednesday is Wine Night. So fun. Little Alex (ok, she's 18) her birthday is Saturday and we are going to eat dinner on Thursday. And this weekend sounds like yet again another great one! And yes, don't worry I will be working too. Oh the joys of being an adult.

I hope you have had just as wonderful days. Life is great and I couldn't be more blessed.

Talk to you soon!
Happy Monday

Sunday, November 8


Don't ever get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life

Tuesday, November 3

Something to Smile about..


Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, November 2

I mean.. really??

Ever have those mornings when you wake up for no reason? Going back to sleep is nearly impossible. Wide awake. Ready to take on the world. Yep-- that was this girl this morning. 5:19AM. I mean.. really?? Grabbed my book thinking that might work. Nope just made me more into it. More awake. Frustrated at about 7 I got up and put my tennis shoes on. Forget it! Off to run I went.

Funny story, about mile 6 a lady pasted me and her words to me were, "Honey, your face is red!" I answered with a "Yes ma'am!!" and went on my way. I mean.. really??

My dear little cousin has been wanting a Mr. Pig, so what did I do today? Painted the child one! OUTSIDE! Who ever thought I could go outside with a canvas, paint, brushes, sunglasses, tank top, and shorts IN NOVEMBER!! I mean.. really?? I got a tan in November from the sun? Yes sir!! 2 weeks ago I thought I was going to be living in my snow suit from then on out. That's Arkansas weather for ya!

Rachel texted me while she was at school today and we agreed that today would be the perfect day to go walk up by the cross to enjoy the fall on such a gorgeous day. 3 miles later, lots of laughs, and good heart to hearts. I think my exercise for the day is complete! 9 miles later. I mean.. really??

Today marked day 5 of wonderful things. Life doesn't have one complaint! And things continue to surprise me and make me smile.

Certainly excited about this week and it makes it even better that it isn't suppose to rain!!!

This kid woke up at 5:19 this morning and was fairly active. Time to count sheep!
Goodnight friends! Sorry for the rambling!

Get outside and do something fun tomorrow!!

Libby this summer on the monkey bars

Sunday, November 1

Only 2 Months

Dear 2010,
I can't wait for you to get here!! I can't believe you are only 2 months away. 2009 was a rough one, and by that, I mean TERRIBLE! Needless to say, I'm glad to see it come and go. I was just thinking about this weekend and I thought you might like to know what was so great. Figure you could brainstorm over these next TWO months.

1. I got a very special phone call. Followed by several texts throughout the weekend.
2. I got to spend a lot of time with friends and family.
3. The HOGS won!!
4. Saturday I had the greatest night. Still smiling ear to ear. And no, it wasn't because I was dressed up for Halloween and running around crazy.
5. The weather Saturday and today was absolutely gorgeous!
6. Plans of going to Telluride CO for Christmas for a week or two is in the works!!!
7. I ran my miles very successfully.
8. I caught up with friends I haven't seen in a good while. Love when that happens!
9. We got to set our clocks back a whole hour.
10. Today was another successful day of playing with the Clark boys and getting caught up on my reading.

Just trying to help you out. I don't expect life changing events, 2009 already took care of that for you. That is.. unless, they are just wonderful! But these simple things sure do make me a happy girl! I just thought I would write you a simple note, because this weekend got me excited! I'm sensing you have great plans over your 365 days. Can't wait to see you!

'Preciate it,

And PS: Its is NOVEMBER 1st! GOODNESS!!!

Hope your weekend was just as wonderful!! Have a happy week!
God is good!

Saturday, October 31


Happy Halloween!!!
Hallie Mae

Wednesday, October 28

Power of Prayer for Mr. Phil

I pray for you.
I pray for your healing and peace.
Your comfort.

I pray for the doctors.
I pray for their knowledge and wisdom.
Their focus.

I pray for your wife.
I pray for her strength and her understanding.
Her guidance.

I pray for your only daughter.
I pray she is reminded constantly of your love for her and she is given strength to get through.
Her comfort.

I praise God for you.
I pray that God's Holy power and strength take over your health.
I am so thankful for Mr. Phil.
I pray for him.

I say a strong prayer for a very very special man. A very close family friend. An awesome man. A man who is so sick and is so unworthy of it. He loves life, and his family and friends. Please pray for Mr. Phil. He needs our prayers and his family does too.

Thank you

Monday, October 26

All the above

What's better than to use a rainy Monday evening for a good weekend reflection? I can't think of anything, so here goes nothing.

Thursday was Tyler's first birthday, as I informed you yesterday.
Friday I watched the Lindsey kids while LB and Lyndy went to a Halloween party dressed as Skipper and Ginger from Gilligan's Island.. HILARIOUS, I wish I had a picture to show you! And then I met my dearest friend Rachel out for a little while.
Saturday I ran about 6 miles and watched the poor little piggies against Ole Miss (I think that can go without explanation) And I wrapped that evening up with a much needed sushi dinner date and night out with my great friend Kirsten.
Sunday, oh how I love Sundays, I didn't do a thing. Not a thing. I worked on my Bible study lesson and couldn't put Nicholas Sparks new book "The Last Song" down! Not to mention I read cover to cover the new REAL Simple November issue, oh man, I am ready for fall and brainstorming some great ideas thanks to that issue. So wait, I guess I did do stuff Sunday, I was a complete book worm. What a dork.

Late Sunday night I got a text from Sarah to check my email and I to my surprise I had this in my Inbox:

Cooper and his OCDness coming out. No worries, I texted Sarah and told her she can probably thank me for this issue. He learned this lovely trait from his lovely babysitter. OOPS! (I secretly love this, and love even more that Sarah caught this in action)

A heavy thought on my heart:
Peter. One of the twelve disciples of Jesus. He was the rock that God built His church on and also probably one of the weaker disciples. I have seen myself in Peter a lot this year. In Matthew I am reminded of the time that Jesus told his disciples that it was in God's will that He was going to be arrested. Jesus went willingly when the soldiers came for Him, but eager, loving Peter tried to take the matter in his own hands by raising his sword and cutting off the ear of one solider. Jesus looked at Peter and said "Put your sword away."

Later, in John, sometime after Jesus had risen, He greeted His disciples while they were fishing. The disciples were out in the middle of the sea in a boat. Precious Peter was so excited to see that Jesus was standing on the shore that he jumped into the water. He began swimming to the shore to see his King. Needless to say, the boat probably reached the shore long before Peter made it.

I am Peter. I have my own time frame, my own plans. When I don't see things happening, I try to make them happen and Jesus says "Kenlie, put your sword away. Put away your plans. Do you not want to do what your Father has asked?" So like Peter, I put my plans away. I put my defenses away. And I wait. Patiently. Watching everything happen perfectly, in God's own timing.
I am Peter. Excitedly jumping into things, and then standing, sopping wet, at the feet of the Lord as He is smiling at my stupidity. I get excited, forget to think things through, and end up doing them the long way. Every time, though, just as with Peter, Jesus welcomes my soaking wet self into His arms and is simply happy to see me.

I mess up. I try too hard. I jump to quick and think I can do this on my own. I am not always patient. I am far from perfect, and God will still use me. God will establish great things through me. He knows I will make a big mess and I will do things the long and hard way. But He has a plan for me, and has the most perfect timing.

These stories of Peter enlighten me. Although our actions aren't ideal in Jesus' eyes, I know I'm not alone. I know I am taken care of. And for whatever happens will happen at the most perfect time. My sword is put away. I will not jump until the time is right and without God's hand.

Goodnight friends.
Have a wonderful week!
Acts 5: 38,39

Sunday, October 25

A year, already?

A year ago October 22 seems like only a few months ago. Cooper became a big brother and all I remember thinking is "I can't hug him enough, his poor little world is about to change!" (Being the oldest, I can remember when my little sister came home, I thought my world was over)

The night Tyler was born I remember how cold it was, it was raining and I couldn't get Cooper through the Chick fil a drive through quick enough before we went to meet his little brother with no name. We had to run by the house and grab Zak's cell phone changer and toothpaste. The whole time in the car I answered these questions and many more "Keke, what is he going to look like?" "Keke, is he going to play with me?" "Keke, are we going to take him home?" "Keke, why the hospital?" "Keke, is he going back in Momma's tummy?" Like most 2 year olds, he had no clue what was going on, no idea this was a permanent deal. But what a proud and great big brother he has been this year!

Here are several pictures of Tyler throughout the year

First or second day home from the hospital.

A random smile during the first month or two.

Playing sometime during the spring/early summer.

Figuring out the whole crawling thing

And stopped for a smile..

Fastest cantaloupe eater!

Happy 1st Birthday big T!!
Zak and Sarah with the Birthday boy!

Loving on this little guy and his big brother are what I do several days a week!

Happy 1st Birthday Tyler!! I can't believe you are a year old!

Love you guys!!

("Kenlie" isn't the easiest to say when you are learning how to talk, and "Keke" has just stuck)