Monday, April 26

help a town out..

So.. I have been getting emails, have seen Facebook and Twitter postings, and have heard through the grapevine about this exciting news going on in NWA right now.

A couple from NWA is in the TOP TEN running (nation wide) to win a TCBY franchise to put in the area.

They need our help.
Even if you don't live in NWA. Or Arkansas. It doesn't matter where you live.
Will you be so kind to help?

The voting is now open!

Step 2: Forward This Info to All Your Friends

Step 3: Post This Message on Your Facebook Wall/Twitter Account

It is super easy and takes 2 seconds!

Thank you!!
Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, April 10


If you know me at all, you know one thing.

I HATE frogs.

I hate everything about them. They hop. They make annoying sounds. They are slimy. They are ugly. They hide. They come out of no where. Their unpredictable. Their pointless. They creep me out. Make me scream. Run far far away. They make me walk outside in the summer with a light (usually my phone) to the ground so I can see if one is in my way.

Sick. Sick. Sick.

All I have to say is why in the WORLD would my most favorite store in the entire world carry this? Why would they think this is cute? Why would someone buy this?

Sorry Anthro, but you just totally creeped me out. Completely. I think this marks the very first time we have ever disagreed on an article of clothing.

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend! Today has been the first day in 3 weeks that I have not had to be somewhere or had anything to do. Its been wonderful. So very thankful!

Thank you Mrs. Jones for helping me with my pictures, you are a true lifesaver!

Wednesday, April 7

well.. hello!!!!!!

Panic mode. Is blogger upset with me because I haven't blogged in almost a month.. and as a result they took my picture uploading away???

I had nothing to blog about 2 minutes ago. I was just going to show you a cute little picture and tell you life is grand.. but WOAH... not so much anymore. What is going on? Someone please help.

Yes, I am back from Canada. Yes, life is beyond crazy. Yes, Easter was perfect. Yes, the kids are precious. Yes, work is.. (another word for "busy").... ok, crazy.. but I love it still. Yes, my friends are still dear to my heart. 

I hope your life is wonderful as well! 

Someone please help, you know I can't blog under conditions like this...