Saturday, October 31


Happy Halloween!!!
Hallie Mae

Wednesday, October 28

Power of Prayer for Mr. Phil

I pray for you.
I pray for your healing and peace.
Your comfort.

I pray for the doctors.
I pray for their knowledge and wisdom.
Their focus.

I pray for your wife.
I pray for her strength and her understanding.
Her guidance.

I pray for your only daughter.
I pray she is reminded constantly of your love for her and she is given strength to get through.
Her comfort.

I praise God for you.
I pray that God's Holy power and strength take over your health.
I am so thankful for Mr. Phil.
I pray for him.

I say a strong prayer for a very very special man. A very close family friend. An awesome man. A man who is so sick and is so unworthy of it. He loves life, and his family and friends. Please pray for Mr. Phil. He needs our prayers and his family does too.

Thank you

Monday, October 26

All the above

What's better than to use a rainy Monday evening for a good weekend reflection? I can't think of anything, so here goes nothing.

Thursday was Tyler's first birthday, as I informed you yesterday.
Friday I watched the Lindsey kids while LB and Lyndy went to a Halloween party dressed as Skipper and Ginger from Gilligan's Island.. HILARIOUS, I wish I had a picture to show you! And then I met my dearest friend Rachel out for a little while.
Saturday I ran about 6 miles and watched the poor little piggies against Ole Miss (I think that can go without explanation) And I wrapped that evening up with a much needed sushi dinner date and night out with my great friend Kirsten.
Sunday, oh how I love Sundays, I didn't do a thing. Not a thing. I worked on my Bible study lesson and couldn't put Nicholas Sparks new book "The Last Song" down! Not to mention I read cover to cover the new REAL Simple November issue, oh man, I am ready for fall and brainstorming some great ideas thanks to that issue. So wait, I guess I did do stuff Sunday, I was a complete book worm. What a dork.

Late Sunday night I got a text from Sarah to check my email and I to my surprise I had this in my Inbox:

Cooper and his OCDness coming out. No worries, I texted Sarah and told her she can probably thank me for this issue. He learned this lovely trait from his lovely babysitter. OOPS! (I secretly love this, and love even more that Sarah caught this in action)

A heavy thought on my heart:
Peter. One of the twelve disciples of Jesus. He was the rock that God built His church on and also probably one of the weaker disciples. I have seen myself in Peter a lot this year. In Matthew I am reminded of the time that Jesus told his disciples that it was in God's will that He was going to be arrested. Jesus went willingly when the soldiers came for Him, but eager, loving Peter tried to take the matter in his own hands by raising his sword and cutting off the ear of one solider. Jesus looked at Peter and said "Put your sword away."

Later, in John, sometime after Jesus had risen, He greeted His disciples while they were fishing. The disciples were out in the middle of the sea in a boat. Precious Peter was so excited to see that Jesus was standing on the shore that he jumped into the water. He began swimming to the shore to see his King. Needless to say, the boat probably reached the shore long before Peter made it.

I am Peter. I have my own time frame, my own plans. When I don't see things happening, I try to make them happen and Jesus says "Kenlie, put your sword away. Put away your plans. Do you not want to do what your Father has asked?" So like Peter, I put my plans away. I put my defenses away. And I wait. Patiently. Watching everything happen perfectly, in God's own timing.
I am Peter. Excitedly jumping into things, and then standing, sopping wet, at the feet of the Lord as He is smiling at my stupidity. I get excited, forget to think things through, and end up doing them the long way. Every time, though, just as with Peter, Jesus welcomes my soaking wet self into His arms and is simply happy to see me.

I mess up. I try too hard. I jump to quick and think I can do this on my own. I am not always patient. I am far from perfect, and God will still use me. God will establish great things through me. He knows I will make a big mess and I will do things the long and hard way. But He has a plan for me, and has the most perfect timing.

These stories of Peter enlighten me. Although our actions aren't ideal in Jesus' eyes, I know I'm not alone. I know I am taken care of. And for whatever happens will happen at the most perfect time. My sword is put away. I will not jump until the time is right and without God's hand.

Goodnight friends.
Have a wonderful week!
Acts 5: 38,39

Sunday, October 25

A year, already?

A year ago October 22 seems like only a few months ago. Cooper became a big brother and all I remember thinking is "I can't hug him enough, his poor little world is about to change!" (Being the oldest, I can remember when my little sister came home, I thought my world was over)

The night Tyler was born I remember how cold it was, it was raining and I couldn't get Cooper through the Chick fil a drive through quick enough before we went to meet his little brother with no name. We had to run by the house and grab Zak's cell phone changer and toothpaste. The whole time in the car I answered these questions and many more "Keke, what is he going to look like?" "Keke, is he going to play with me?" "Keke, are we going to take him home?" "Keke, why the hospital?" "Keke, is he going back in Momma's tummy?" Like most 2 year olds, he had no clue what was going on, no idea this was a permanent deal. But what a proud and great big brother he has been this year!

Here are several pictures of Tyler throughout the year

First or second day home from the hospital.

A random smile during the first month or two.

Playing sometime during the spring/early summer.

Figuring out the whole crawling thing

And stopped for a smile..

Fastest cantaloupe eater!

Happy 1st Birthday big T!!
Zak and Sarah with the Birthday boy!

Loving on this little guy and his big brother are what I do several days a week!

Happy 1st Birthday Tyler!! I can't believe you are a year old!

Love you guys!!

("Kenlie" isn't the easiest to say when you are learning how to talk, and "Keke" has just stuck)

Saturday, October 24

Quick Quote

I have SO much to blog about, but I need more time than what I have now. I just found this quote and it couldn't wait a minute longer to not be shared.

"Out of all the lies you told me, 'I love you' was my favorite"

I L-O-V-E this!! It makes me laugh and has the most truth to it.

Hope all is well and I can't wait to share all my pictures from the beach and Tyler's first birthday and my life lately.

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, October 14


This will be my location in 24 HOURS!! Beyond last minute, totally excited and so needed!!

Sarah and I have decided to get away from this rain and enjoy the beach for a few days! I couldn't be more excited and can't wait to play with my sweet boys on the beach. Cooper and I will probably build quite the sandcastle! I am certainly due for some time away from life in Fayetteville.

On a side note. Do you ever have those moments in life when you go "OK God, THANKS! WHY DON'T YOU JUST SPEEK A LITTLE CLEARER!!" I certainly did tonight when I was asked to read Isaiah 41:13

"For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you."

YEP! Pretty crystal clear if I've ever seen it!
God is good!

Can't promise posts from the beach, but I do promise them when I get back! Hope life is wonderful in your neck of the woods! Blog to ya Tuesday!!!

Much Love

Monday, October 12

Cold AR game

This weekend was a great one! Full of great friends and family.

Saturday the Posey's woke up at the crack of dawn to head to Donald W. Reynolds stadium to watch Arkansas play. I quickly learned my lesson this season. It is only October and my little cold weathered self is already freezing. Thankfully Steven left his jacket in his Dad's car, or who knows what my status would have been. Note to self: BUNDLE UP! Here are the 2 pictures I took at the game:
Steven with his favorite brown headed Posey sisters.

After this large win I hung out with a special friend and did absolutely nothing yesterday.
Yes, my projects I posted about the other day are complete. So that is super exciting. Tonight is Wine Night, one of the greatest times of the month. This week is going to be beyond productive and a huge possibility of posting to you out of state! So exciting!!

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever."
Psalm 118:1

Have a blessed day. Be Thankful!
Happy October Monday

Friday, October 9

"Q" (Post #2 for today)

I lied. I didn't fall asleep.

As I attempted to go to sleep I thought about a very random, but mind boggling thought Sarah brought to my attention the other night.

Cooper and Sarah walked in Wednesday night after church and he was singing some little ABC song that they were listening to in the car. He got to the letter "Q" and then said something like "Q followed by the letter U".. First thought, no, R follows after Q. Sarah and I looked at each other. She looked at me and said "Keke, maybe you can prove me wrong but can you think of any words that aren't spelled 'Qu--' I've been thinking the whole way home and that is the only thing I can think of that song that song might be saying.".. HUM. 'queen, question, quit, quite, quiet, quarter, quick..' NOPE SURE CAN'T! So I get out my phone and go the the Dictionary and start typing in "qu, qi, qe,qa.. and so forth. Nothing.

So tonight as I lay in my bed unable to sleep I pull out the ol' dictionary. According to Webster Handy College Dictionary there are two words that are not spelled "qu--"

1. qiana: meaning silk like nylon fabric
2. qwerty: meaning having certain layout of keys on the keyboard (first 6 letter on the top left row)

Now, I don't have like the true, every word in the English language dictionary in my hands, but according to this one. Yes Sarah, it is accurate to say that almost all Q words are followed by the letter U.

Thank you toddler ABC song for teaching a 33 and 23 years old a little bit about their own language they have been speaking for a good while now. Appreciated.

Maybe this is something everyone knows. News to us though.

Makes for a good laugh! Or a good trivia question??

OK! For real, GOODNIGHT!

Thursday, October 8

Little Bit of Everything

Hello my fellow little friends! This post is a bunch of randomness, but oh so fun!

So if you were on Twitter, Facebook, listened to the radio, or possibly turned on your television set you might have heard that Fayetteville had quite the tornado warnings this October evening. Cool. Not. I spent this warning in the company of several friends over dinner. Afterwards Kirsten said she needed to run to Lowe's to pick up something. So what did I do? Tagged along! DUH! Tornado.. tornada.. WHO CARES! Yep, thats right. Kirsten and I spent some of our tornado warning being the only customers in the whole store. The ladies at the front register looked pretty shocked when they saw our dripping wet selves bebop-in our way through the door. But really, do you expect any less from us? Hobby Lobby or Lowe's that's where we can usually be found!

My latest personal project has been a chunky full length mirror. In my attempt of making this a week ago I broke the first mirror, yes I know, 7 years of bad luck. Tonight was the night to finish this project! And WA-LA!!! A teal chunky mirror with accent colors of deep red and gold, and with balls!
Tomorrow's project: Full length mirrors for Riffraff.
The original Mr. Pig now has a loving home. So I made this one tonight and I personally think he is much better than the first. This little guy will be making his way up to Riffraff in the AM with some of his other friends I'm working on.
FINALLY! A picture of Kirsten and me. The kid and I are together 24/7, but the camera is usually never in sight. So at Strut for a Mutt a few weekends ago we got a snap shot.
And last but certainly not least, my precious little boys! This picture was emailed to me tonight from their Momma. It was taken at their Dad's football game he was coaching earlier in the season. The love I have for these two little guys, and the fun that we have, I can't even put into words. Meet Cooper (L) and Tyler (R). (And please note Tyler's posture. Unbelievable.)
Off to sleep I go! I'm keeping those two little rugrats in the morning, completing some projects, dropping goodies off at the store and preparing for a large weekend of festivities. All in the flood I'm sure.

Have I told you one of my God sent gifts of this year is coming in town, or is already in town? BEYOND EXCITED! I haven't seen Cristin in forever and a day it feels like. She is a true blessing, and basically my twin at heart. Our story is to be posted on a later date along with this weekends highlights.

Night Friends. Stay dry and warm.

Wednesday, October 7


The Trinity is something I have never been able to fully rap my brain around. Its hard for me to fully understand. How is God three things? This whole topic briefly came up in Bible Study tonight and I thought I would share with you what I learned.

Think about H2O aka water. It is one chemical equation, but can technically be in 3 different forms. It's commonly in the liquid form, secondly a solid and lastly can be steam.

Just as God is one, we can compare God's "states" to these three states, and it helps understanding of the Trinity easier.

God is mainly the Father (liquid)
He is next the Son (solid)
The Holy Spirit (steam)

Thought that was pretty cool way to look at it!

I hope you have a very blessed week.

Thursday, October 1

Mr. Pig

My latest piece of fun art that can be found only at Riffraff. If you just love this little guy send me an email, or email Riffraff. He can totally be customized with different colors, different background designs, and in various canvas sizes! Let me know! He is super cute!

This little Piggy would make a great gift or a great addition to add a splash of color in any room of your home!

Happy day!!

The one in the picture is a 24x30 and about an inch thick.

My email: