Friday, March 19

see ya AR

ski stuff. warm clothes. several books. gloves. layers. uggs. scarf. big sweatshirts.
all zipped up and ready for a plane ride.

computer. cell phone. twitter. facebook. blogs. text messages.
all put on the back burner for 10 days.

see ya arkansas (and technology), hello canada!

talk to you soon!

Monday, March 15


Sunday, March 14

just short of a month

I'm 10 short days away from it being a month since you last heard from me. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that really all I have to report to you is a bunch of rambles. Life lately has consisted of very very few things, but a lot, a lot of it on repeat.

Work. I wake up at 6:15, take a shower, throw on scrubs, grab my water bottle, drive to work, work, lunch break, back to work, home, dinner, shower, and bed. Repeat. Monday through Thursday. That is my life. I honestly love doing what I am doing. Working with kids and working with their teeth. Its the best of both my worlds. Finding life outside of work has been alittle rough just because I feel like a 82 year old lady when I get home and I really don't want to do anything but crawl in my big fluffy bed. Boring, I know. But its getting better. The sleep schedule is adjusting. My after work activities consist of more kids (duh), my bestest of friend, sometimes a Target trip, a boy.. yes, a boy, and anything else that I might need to do, get, or see.

Life is wonderful and I have nothing to be negative about. I do think about my blog through out some days in wonder of what I could share with you guys.. as you can tell.. you aren't missing out on much. And to be really honest, there are some days that my computer doesn't get turned on. Whoever would have thought I would say such a thing?

Other exciting things to share....
I am leaving for Canada in 4 days..
Easter time.. AKA Cadbury egg season, Mini Eggs.. the ones like M&Ms.. not those big things.. (best time of the year!!!)
I really really want a Nook
I am thankful for this extra hour we started today, so it wont get so dark so fast!
Two of my most favorite people from Little Rock came up last weekend.
I am ready for summer.
Kirsten and I have been walking A LOT and I love that special little time together.
I saw my cousin tonight for the first time since Christmas (SO SAD!)
God continues to be too good to me.
There is a boy in my life..

Goodnight friends! Sorry for being a stranger! I miss doing this, I really do.