Thursday, November 11

Where I spend my weekdays

Our office has officially/smoothly moved locations. The new office is almost doubled in size from the old one and is pretty much like DisneyWorld, but in the dentistry form.. 

This is Mr. Elephant that is crashing out the side of the exterior of the building...
The waiting area...

The XBox "grill" in the waiting room...

The PSPs and Razorback treehouse..

The fish tank in the middle of the waiting room..

The movie theater... 

The front desk...

Kind of hard to believe, huh? Crazy cool and you should see the kids.. they L-O-V-E it! What kid wouldn't want to come to the dentist? The clinic part is pretty awesome too, but I failed on taking pics of it.. 

Just thought I would share one of the many wonderful changes going on in my world. 
Have a blessed day!

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  1. LOVED seeing you today! What a wonderfully fun place to work! You're the cutest :)


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