Wednesday, January 12

a day in ortho

Teeth and kids. Two of my most favorite things.  Two things my job embraces the fact that I love. 

I've shown you where I work before. Its a fun place. Disneyland dentist style, if you will. So today we went a step further in Disneyland. As of today.. once a month we are going to have what we call "Deband Day" in ortholand. That is when all of our patients that are getting their braces off will be scheduled to come on the same day and get their braces off.. and of course, celebrate! 
To pay off all the hard work and great cooperation these kids give us, we figured they deserve a huge party! So Dr. Jason rented a tux. The four girls wore prom get up. We had the balloons all blown up. The goodies that have all been ignored during time of braces were all on display, and then devoured. Pictures were taken. And sparkly white teeth and lots of excitement was revealed!!!

Here is my day in pictures... 

Our Ortho Family.. 

The Goodies...

A little debanding action..

Having braces was totally worth it, right??
I heart my job. Especially when I can wear my sparkles and Uggs to work.. 
Happy Wednesday!!!!

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  1. Dude. I want braces now! Call me!!!! I don't have fbook and lost all numbers


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